Your journey will start with a coffee (or orange juice) and a chat.  While most retailers want you to buy NOW, we want to get to know you and find out your ambitions and interests.  Everyone’s journey is different and we think its best started with a delicious (and highly addictive) beverage.

The correct fit is the key to enjoying cycling.  By getting a proper fit you optimise comfort, performance, positioning and reduce the risk of injury.  Cyfac developed the CPS (Cyfac Positioning System) which provides all abilities and riding styles:

–          Optimal geometry to suit your anatomic design and ability.

–          Component set-up including ideal stem length and height to maximum handle-bar drop.

–          Uses your preferred saddle, shoes and pedals to provide everything from accurate cleat position to saddle height.

The CPS study takes about an hour to complete and you will receive a 4 page analysis that can be used to set-up any bike you wish you use, compares your ideal geometry against Cyfac’s standard and custom options and provides you at optimised set-up.

 Sound good?


Once you have you fit data the real fun begins.  In the next step of the journey you will be offered a selection of frame choices each with different construction methods, materials and purpose.  Whilst carbon-fibre has gained popularity in recent years, we will explain the benefits and facts of every frame material (steel, alloy, titanium and carbon-fibre) to give you a clear picture of what best suits you.  Every Cyfac frame is hand-painted and not a single sticker is used.  This means that no matter what frame you choose, you’ll have paint design and colour options to suit your personality.

Once your frame order is in, we can continue the journey by selecting components that suit your needs or transfer over existing parts.  There are companies that have been handcrafting components for decades or leading the way with new design and engineering which ultimately means more choice for you.  It’s our job to give you options and as ALL Cyfac frames are made by hand, during the building phase you will have time to test and explore the right parts to meet your ambitions.  By the time the frame is delivered, you will have all your favourite parts picked out and ready to go. 

Next step – ride.