Team Artisan/BV Sport

Team Artisan/BV Sport


Let’s get this straight.  We do not have a team bus.  What we do have is a great group of people who promote cycling and ride their bikes a lot.  It’s addictive and no doubt if you are reading this you’ll understand.  We all have different motivations but a similar goal.

There are a lot of amateur “teams” around but we prefer coffee-shop-team.  We train hard and race hard (and coffee hard if there is such a thing) and like most we don’t deserve free products.  We provide rolling billboards and feedback for our sponsors and support them with our own money as they support us.  That’s the point.  Some “teams” think they deserve a free bike.  They don’t.  If you have a product or service that you would like promoted, we’ll try and help.  If we don’t believe in it, we won’t do it.  Mining companies need not apply (touche they say…) although Saus is looking for a hairdresser sponsor and Lach likes boat shoes and pastel short shorts.

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Disclaimer: members do not consent to the information but if it just included their favourite coffee and the bike they ride – would you care?

Dan Pickering

Sam Pickering

Danny Cherry

Will Rayzor Williamson

Lachlan Davidson

Nirangjan “Nugga” Nagarajah

James Bennett

Jamie Reidy

Justin Reidy


Director Sportif: Leigh Boughton

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Team Artisan/BV Sport would not be possible without the support of our sponsors:

BV Sport products are used at the highest level by athletes whom do not need the money nor free product.  These athletes want the benefits and advantages that their competition does not have.  The French Cycling Federation, Lampre-ISD Cycling team, Chelsea Footbal Club, Aresnal Football Club and the Saur-Sojasun Cycling team all use the BOOSTER Compression sock and the PRORECUP ELITE recovery socks.  In fact our own Matt Lloyd probably has some on right now.  The medical grade, clinically backed products are 100% designed and made in France.  BV Sport are proud of their products and stand behind the science.  You get what you paid for.

Team Artisan/BV Sport use and recommend:

Technical socks – Cycling specific

These socks are designed for cycling simple as that.  They have a small amount of padding under the ball of your feet to help cushion against the force you apply to the pedals.  The arches are given a simlar treatment to help support and make these the most comforatble socks you can buy.  Think about how many times you’ve worn and washed your cycling socks.  Cost per wear = $very little.

All expensive cycling socks use Coolmax© and X-Static© but how many have been anatomically designed and feature the simple basics a cycling sock requires?

– Padding under the ball of your feet

– Arch support

– Durable


RRP $39.95 – can be purchased from Artisan Cycles here



– PRORECUP Elite recovery socks

Recovery and compression are ‘buzz’ words.  If you are a sporting brand and haven’t got a compression garmet, are you actually just a clothing brand?  BV Sport are different.  Why you ask?  Because they have been developing their products in FRANCE since 1998, long before it becamse essential for every amateur athlete.

The jewel in the BV Sport range since 1998, and undoubtedly the company’s most technologically advanced product, this recovery sock has been created using a special type of knitting, based on a four year study of the pressure recorded by elite level athletes. The socks are used and acclaimed by more than 6000 elite level and professional athletes.

Prorecup Elite medical grade recovery socks should be used immediately after physical exertion.  The compression of the calf allows for the rapid elimination of poorly oxygenated and intoxicated  (with lactic acid, free radicals, CO2…) venous blood.

– Special construction for the calf

– Strong protection and support of the achilles tendon

– Support of the fascia plantar (connective tissue in the arch of the foot), as well as anti-bacterial, anti-static and anti-odour properties (via the use of silver thread

– Stabilising band at the front of the foot


For more information on Progressive Compression click HERE

RRP $109.95 – can be purchased from Artisan Cycles here


Fetha Custom Components


Fetha is a name to remember.  Manufacturing of cycling parts has been reduced to mass-production and standardisation.  It’s a breath of fresh air when you can go to someone with an idea and have it made to perfection (to the micron).  This is what Fetha does.  Need a prototype made or simply a custom top cap?  Done.  Want your favourite alloy crank stripped and powercoated?  Done.  Want some custom elliptical rings to go with them? Done.

Team members use Fetha ISP’s, pulleys, top caps and soon a few top secret components that can’t be detailed just yet.



Bike Beyond


Justin will build or rebuild your wheels then strip and rebuild your bike back to original condition.  It’ll be like wheeling it out the shop for the first time.  You might even be able to advertise your second hand bike as brand new.  He’s that good.

Give him a call or drop in to say hi.