Profile: Lachlan Davidson

Lachlan's hardest decision for the day


Lachlan is one of the newer additons to the team.  His enthusiasm for bikes makes him a potential closet bike shop owner.  He writes demanding letters to the handicapers to ensure an armchair ride to the finish.  Pulls hard turns in the bunch (then tells you all about it later).

Nickname: Mr Sheen

Team position: Chief equipment researcher / inspector

Age:  The money makers don’t age

Hairdresser: Rokk Ebony

Doppelbanger: Iceman (Val Kilmer)

Favourite clothing item: short pastel shorts with matching leather belt

Favourite pastel colour: fluro salmon

Favourite foot wear: 2006 Limited Edition Ralph Lauren suede boat shoes

Most admired person: Derek Zoolander

Ride: Cyfac Absolu

Quoted as saying: “…………………”


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