For the “Race of Truth” you need to have the best blend of efficient equipment and position properly set-up for YOU.  Wind tunnel-inspired designs have their appeal but the man-machine couple needs to work in perfect harmony to optimise performance.  The best rider, on a poorly fitting bike, will not perform to his or her top potential.  The best way to realize YOUR cycling goals is through a custom-designed triathlon and time trial frame. The race of truth demands it.

The proper rider position is key and any good frame design proceeds from this principle.  A rider is going to be on the frame and it won’t just sit in a wind-tunnel dazzling the aerodynamic experts.  The bike needs to fit you and not dictate your position.  A frame that fits the rider, allowing him to exploit the proper physiological function is correct.  The frame (and resulting bike) should handle correctly, allow for proper weight distribution, and cause no constraints to the rider’s function on the machine.

The best approach to time trial and triathlon fit is to ignore what you see elsewhere on the road and focus on your individual proportions, fitness level, and body type.  What may be advantageous from an aerodynamic view may have a greater negative impact from a physiological and/or health standpoint.  It’s 100% personalised, which makes a custom frame all the more important.  Consider two of cycling’s greatest against -the-clock performers had these values in their time trial positions:


1969: Tour de France TT Créteil -Paris

  • Seat Angle: 72°
  • Head Angle: 71.5°
  • Saddle to bar height difference: 4cm


1992 : Tour de France TT Luxembourg-Luxembourg

  • Seat Angle: 71°
  • Head Angle: 71.5°
  • Saddle to aero pad height difference: 1cm

Frame Attributes:

–          Racing

–          Aggressive

–          Stiff

Cyfac Mythique

  • A

    ALTEC 2+ Aero profile 7005 T6 alloy

  • B

    Easton EC90 Aero full-carbon bladed fork

  • C

    7005 T6 Alloy with aero cut-out

  • D

    English (BSC)

  • E


  • F

    Integrated with ceramic bearings

  • G


  • $

    Custom frameset RRP from $4400

    Build kits from +$1000 to +$12999