Cyfac Vintage – Candy Apple Red

This Vintage was built to pay homage to the bikes of old.  Wooden rims, classic small diameter steel lugged tubing and italian parts.  A modern Campagnolo Athena groupset, Deda bar/stem, San Marco saddle/bar tape and Alchemy hubs found their way on but that’s not the point.  There was talk of ‘drillium’ but I just couldn’t do it (literally don’t know how) to this classic looking gruppo.

This particular bike has done a few km’s under a few people now and everybody has loved it.  “So smooth” is generally the line and believe it or not but this bike (minus the wheels) has done over 90km/hr down Old Willunga Hill in SA so if anyone wants to argue about “Aero” – look no further.  I know people on little high end carbon frames that get the wobbles over 50km/hr.  No problems here.  And if you are worried about speed, this frame has done fast paced bunch rides, hills and a 190km round trip from Adelaide to Victor Harbour (we got lost).

Hopefully steel makes a comeback because it’d be a shame if we all bought into the carbon game and forgot about the class and ride quality of steel frames.  They are just more fun.  And before you start crying ‘heavy’, this bike weighs in as you see it at 8.75kg.  Put on Super Record and a lighter bar/stem combo and it would be under 8kg.  You’re better off losing a kg of body weight than worrying about a kg on your bike anyway.


Build spec by Justin from Bike Beyond:

Frame: custom steel Vintage (they only come in custom geometry – lugged or not)

Paint: a burnt orange/candy red with white lugs.  White decals.

Groupset: Campagnolo 11spd Athena alloy.  With Red Campagnolo hoods and cables

Wheels: Mahogany CB Italia tubular rims, Alchemy hubs, DT spokes and FMB Record tubulars.  Tune skewers.

Saddle/Bar tape: Leather San Marco bartape and leather San Macro Concor vintage saddle

Bar/stem: Deda Quattro polished alloy stem and Deda Speciale bar (heavy)

Headset: Chris King + Chris King spacers

Cages: Arundel Stainless steel



Photo Gallery:



Artisan Cycles – 123 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, 3206, VICTORIA AUSTRALIA

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