Cyfac Gothica – Matte carbon with metallic Blue/Red/Pearl


Cyfac Gothica CS - Matte carbon + Metallic Blue/Red/Pearl

This fine example of French frame building needs to be seen to be appreciated.  The glossy metallic colours and matte carbon cannot be done justice through photos but see below anyway.  There are very few frame builders that offer this kind of custom paint of EVERY frame sold and better yet, can pull off something this brilliant.  Needless to say, I was very impressed when it came out of the box.

The owner has been dreaming of a new bike for a while and new bike became dream bike.  Keen to try out some new offerings from Deda (35) and alike, this Gothica CS was designed for comfort and versatility.  The tube-to-tube construction and highest quality carbon took care of the comfort whilst the Mavic Cosmics helped in the speed department.  These wheels are definitely on the heavy side but this was of little concern and compliment the French frame perfectly (stickers may come off….)


Owners thoughts:

Having persevered with a small framed aluminum Bianchi for the last 6 years. I saved,  with the knowledge that one day I’d own something rivaling some of the best bikes that frequent the bitumen of Beach Road. 

The choice was not an easy one, with a decent sum of money saved my options were broad but it was upon learning about the composition of carbon frame bikes that made me seriously consider a Cyfac.  At first I was a bit hesitant, to be honest buying a bike with a name few have heard of presents more risk than normal, however all the research I did seemed to allay my fears. In the end I was more interested in having something unique that I could customise, knowing that no one else would have one like it.

After speaking the Dan from Artisan Cycles and doing some research online that I really started to see the advantage a hand-made carbon Cyfac frame has over the monocoque construction. Being made with tube-to-tube construction means that you compromise a little with weight, but strength and durability of the carbon far outweighed the couple of hundred gram weight difference between the Cyfac frame and say that of a Cervelo or Scott Addict. Besides, as a recreational rider, I wasn’t necessarily after the lightest bike in the world, I wanted something that would be durable and comfortable to ride.

The hardest part of buying the bike was choosing the paint.  I used extensively to help choose the style and colours of the paint. But it was after seeing a photo of a Gothica CS with a vibrant blue and highlights of a rusty red that I decided I’d do my own adaptation of the one in the photo. I figured that by adapting a design I had seen Cyfac build (in a photo anyway) it would reduce the chance of the colour scheme not working well. I wanted the craftsmanship of the carbon wrapping to show through hence I
chose to have the matte carbon contrast with the vibrant blue, along with highlights of rusty red being broken up with a pearly white. It’s a subtle tribute to the colours of the French flag.

Fitted with a Campagnolo Chorus groupo, I went for compact cranks with the intention to get back to riding the hills. I must say the small chain ring is of little use on the flats and small rolling hills on my usual routes though. As for serious climbing I’ll have to get back to you on that one. She weighs in at 7.84 kg mainly thanks to a heavyish wheelset 1740kg) and seat (250g) but this pails into insignificance after my last bike (about 11kg). Besides with different components it’s pretty easy to drop it by another kilo or more.

The ride is supreme, carbon absorbs the smaller shocks and vibrations noticeably better than an aluminum frame, while the carbon/alloy aero wheels roll along nicely. The CS with its slightly relaxed geometry allows for more comfort on the bike over longer distances.  I rode 100km today without any back or shoulder soreness or stiffness. In the past I would have had to stretch it out 3 or 4 times over that distance. Could also be something to do with being on a bike that has been properly fitted.


Bike build (by Justin from Bike Beyond):

Frame: Cyfac Gothica CS  – Medium

Groupset: Campagnolo 11spd Chorus compact

Wheels: Mavic Cosmic SL w/ Mavic Griplink+Powerlink tyres

Bar/Stem/Post: Deda 35 alloy bar/stem + Deda Superzero carbon post

Saddle: SMP Stratos

Bartape: Arundel Gecko Black

Cages: Arundel Trident matte 3k

Pedals: Speedplay Zero Stainless


Photo gallery:



Artisan Cycles – 123 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, 3206, VICTORIA AUSTRALIA

03 9078 4753 /


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