Bicycles For Humanity


Bicycles For Humanity is a world-wide, grass roots, volunteer run organisation focused on simple, sustainable empowerment in the developing world. We do this in the most transparent and practical way by sending unused donated bikes from the developed world to our partner organisations in various countries in need

A bike allows someone to travel twice as far, twice as fast and carry four times the load. In the countries in which we work a bike can mean access to education, health care, fresh water, economic opportunity and community. Breaking the cycle of poverty by providing sustainable transport for one person impacts not only their life but also the lives of their families, communities and future generations.

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Amy Gillet Foundation (AGF)


Each year, an average of 37 cyclists are killed and over 9,000 are seriously injured with thousands more incidents going unreported. The majority of these collisions involve a motor vehicle and most are preventable.

For over ten years, bike sales have exceeded car sales with in excess of 1.1 million bikes sold per year. As more and more people are turning to bike riding for recreation, health and transport benefits, it’s high time an inclusive bicycling culture was embraced in Australia. Continued increased participation will actually make it safer to ride a bike. That’s why we have set ambitious aims

–          The Amy Gillet Foundation Mission is for: Safe Bicycling in Australia.

–          Vision: Zero bike related fatalities

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