Artisan is Melbourne’s project bike shop and a place to be inspired.  You will find a level of service you expect, quality products and inspiration to get excited about riding your bicycle.  Browse the library, check out some cool parts or just have a chat.

Choosing a bicycle should be a journey that is enjoyed, unbiased and full of great options.  Artisan does not follow the latest trends or sell you only our favorite brands but rather give you choices to build a bike around your needs and desires.  Our customers are looking for something different, something timeless and something inspiring.

Artisan is Australia’s first dealer for iconic brand Cyfac (‘See-fac’).  Cyfac have been handcrafting bicycle frames in the Loire Valley in France since 1982 each with precision and timeless quality to match their individual paint finishes.  There is a frame to suit all budgets and riding abilities be-it high level racing, a new café ride or life-long touring companion.   We listen to you and will create something you’ll appreciate and cherish; something unique that will inspire you and your passion for cycling.

Along with Cyfac, Artisan is a stockist for Focus Bikes and can source various other frame builders.  If you are interested in a frame from any one of these bespoke frame crafters contact us for a price and availability:










Corporate Packages

Artisan can organise Corporate Bicycle Fleets and on-site bicycle servicing.  Contact us for more details.  More info here

Artisan is still growing but feel free to drop by, park your bike and come in!  Artisan aims to inspire.